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Multiplayer, First Person Shooter Game

Junior Environment Artist at Bulkhead Interactive

(from Jan 2017 to Dec 2017)


While working at Bulkhead Interactive, an indie studio based in Derby working on the highly competitive first person shooter Battalion 1944, I had the opportunity to work on various aspects of the game. The team at the team consisted of 10-30 people during my time there, with quite a small art and design department, which meant that everyone had to be flexible in their working abilities.



  • Constructing various aspects of the gaming environment inside of the specified art style, following the level design brief.

  • Modelling various assets to populate the gaming environment, detailing the scene to a high level of quality. Many things including small props, hero assets, buildings, as well as personally handling lighting and all foliage related work.

  • Optimizing the environment for level based performances.


Battalion 1944 was designed to run as smoothly as possible on PC and with visibility kept as a key focus of the game, we worked hard to develop efficient yet visually appealing art work. With the assets shown I worked alongside the Technical Lead to develop foliage that did not hinder the games performance and to make sure the game ran smoothly at a high FPS. I worked across various maps shown in the game, from small props, hero assets, buildings, as well as personally handling lighting and all foliage related work.


The key elements of the game that I am most proud of includes the foliage used across the level, as I worked on all vegetation seen in the game, from small brushes to large aspen trees and oaks. These were developed using a combination of 3DS Max and Speed Tree.


Click the link to find out more on this project at:

Credit is shared with other team members whose work is also featured in these screens, including work from the following team members:

Kieron White, James McCarthy, Alex Korakitis, Dale Williams, Adriel Laman, Faye Smith, George Garton, Daniel Fern, Tomasz Marczak, Wojciech Challinski, James Schofield

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