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Environment Artist Final Major Project


This is a 3D environment in UE4 that I created in a total of 20 weeks, for my Final Year Project while at University. This is my final submission on the Games Art BA (Hons) course at De Montfort University, Leicester. 

The Project dubbed 'Camp Hangar' is a 3D realistic environment created using UE4.16. All of the work seen in this project was designed and created by me, working as the sole Environment Artist and Level Designer, everything including layout, textures, materials, models etc was authored by myself.
The level is set inside of an appropriated aircraft hangar, now settled by a group of refugees, in a near future post-catastrophe setting. Inspired by games like The Last of Us, Destiny, Titanfall 2 and The Division.
This level was featured on Artstation Trending page, and was awarded an excellence award in the Autodesk online world competition The Rookies in 2018.

I was responsible for everything seen in the level. Modelling was completed using 3DS Max and high poly models using a combination of 3DS Max and Zbrush. The textures were rendered in Substance Painter for bespoke assets, and larger assets used a number of trim sheets as well as tileable materials created using Substance Designer.

I also created all of the master shaders from which the materials are based; I developed the level logic inside of blueprints so that the player can interact with and investigate the space. The lighting and special effects were also my own.


The level tells visually communicates the story of these survivors in a post-catastrophe setting. Set in isolation on the slopes of a mountain range somewhere in Eastern European. The assets in the scene tells their story, from the children's chalk drawings on the walls, to the exhausted caravan; the scavenged defences that guard the shutter entrance, as well as the return of mother nature to reclaim her domain.

Careful attention was paid to these details to communicate mood and emotion through visual storytelling.

You can read my blog which illustrates and discusses the deeper development process of this level here on my website: click here to read my Blog

A big thank you to those who provided me with support and feedback throughout the project; a special mention to: Ben Keeling, George Garton and Hans Myaard.

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