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Real Time Artist Intern a AVR London

While working at AVR London, an architectural visualisation company, I was able to work on multiple exciting UE4 projects, including 'The Madison', a luxury residential tower newly erected in Canary Wharf. The Real Time team, then consisting of myself, Louisa Bremner and Ewan Couper were tasked to create a UE4 environment that utilised Virtual Reality to visualise the living spaces designed by the Architect. The virtual reality experience was to be used for marketing the apartments to their clients to give another option to a traditional marketing suite.

When the team first pitched for the job, we showcased a prototype that I had designed, which showed the scale of the tower, the architectural work, it's placement among the city skyline etc. With this prototype the player was able to wander around the exterior space using a virtual reality headset, manually adjust the time of day using the controllers, as well as interact with certain objects. This prototype was showcased to the client, which then earned us the opportunity to work on the project.

Yoga by the Pool

After many months of work, we were able to perfect the space and improve upon areas of the tower, including the lobby, the atrium, and private rooms. Other rooms were later added as the project continued with other team members, where it was later delivered to the client.

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