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It was my pleasure to speak with the folks at; i'm happy to help wherever I can, and I hope that I helped someone by sharing my story; talking about my career development, from education into the games industry.

"The official Into Games podcast, Getting Into Games, is a monthly series dedicated to all things games industry careers. Tune in as we explore the windy and twisty roads into games alongside a diverse cohort of industry guests. This month, Brandon talked to Sean Gorman, a Level Designer at nDreams. In the episode, Sean breaks down exactly what Level Design is and how his role integrates into the various other roles in a games studio. He also offers his best advice to aspiring developers and explains how he got to the place he's in today. Be sure to tune in and subscribe wherever you get your podcasts!"

Be sure to support the folks over at @intogamesHQ, helping young people find their career in games development!

You can listen to the podcast on any of the following services:


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