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  • Responsible for leading the Level Design team - the only current design team on the project - consisting of 4-5 other Level and Game Designers.

  • Assisting the team in their work, providing design briefs for each Designer to follow, as well as conducting regular reviews of content, with detailed feedback throughout development, all to help capture the Creative Director's vision for the game.

  • Responsible for creating level blockouts, as well as level component verification passes as well as bug fixes.

  • Establishing and implementing a structured level design pipeline for DLC and Expansions, that all teams across production adhere to.

  • Responsible for missions across both the campaign and co-operative game-modes, with a focus on combining mechanics and following spatial requirements, to create engaging levels for players to enjoy.


  • Collaboration with other members of the development team, to ensure a cohesive and engaging gameplay experience that captures the games vision and communicates the design brief effectively.


  • Outlining the game's rules and design metrics, making sure that these metrics are followed throughout development. 


  • Creating and implementing game mechanics and verifying that all systems are functioning as expected across each level through design reviews and scheduling regular playtesting.


  • Responsible for writing and updating level and game design briefs and supporting documentation, that provides insight into the technical as well as creative aspects of level design.


  • Communicating with the various team Leads and Directors across the project including Artists, Coders, Producers, Animators and many other departments. This includes regular updates, presentations, meetings etc. 


  • Developing, maintaining and testing game features from planning and prototyping stages, all the way through to the final release.


  • Supporting the Creative Director, by producing schedules for myself and other colleagues.

  • Supporting Production by using Jira for tracking work, estimating costs for future content, planning delivery dates, as well as creating the development schedule for the project.


  • Mentoring junior and intermediate designers, providing training and educational material so to improve their skills in their design roles.


I was responsible for leading the delivery of all levels in the 1.0 release version of the game, but I was most actively involved in the following levels:

  • Sins of the Father

  • Carriers of the Vine

  • Elephant

  • Hide and Seek

  • 23 Megabytes a Second

  • Ends of the Earth

  • Rust Belt


The work that I have implemented and showcased above was altogether a team effort and for that I would like to give credit to the following individuals on the team who also helped in creation of this content:

  • Tihomir Garapic (Senior Level Designer)

  • Jacob Simpson (Level Designer)

  • Katarina Johansson (Junior Level Designer)

  • Mark Ranson (Art Director)

  • Laetitia Bertrand (Environment Artist)

  • Stirling Rank (Creative Director)

  • William Yates (Gameplay Programmer)



Single-Player & Co-op, Action Adventure Shooter Game, Indie

Lead Level Designer, at VOID Interactive

(from July 2023 to Present)

Working at the Indie studio VOID Interactive since July 2023, leading the Level Design team (4 Level Designers), developing content for Ready or Not (2023) for the PC.

  • "Ready or Not is an intense, tactical, first-person shooter that depicts a modern-day world in which SWAT police units are called to defuse hostile and confronting situations."


This page is devoted to the design, level design and artwork that I helped to author and develop across the game.


The 1.0 version of the game was released in December 2024.

Ready or Not was rated a 9/10 on Steam and a 8.6 on Metacritic.

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