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Real Time Artist Intern at AVR London


While working at AVR London, an architectural visualisation company, I was able to work on multiple exciting UE4 projects, including 'Stow Hotel' to develop the virtual reality experience. We were commissioned to work on this unique hotel, constructed using shipping containers - a unique build. I worked on the project alongside a talented team of artists, including Louisa Bremner and Ewan Couper.


After many months of work, we were able to perfect the space and improve upon areas of the hotel, including the lobby, the rooms, and dining spaces. These rooms were later added as the project continued with other team members, where it was later delivered to the client.


  • 3D modelling (3DS Max) / Render (Vray)

  • Material prep work using Substance Designer

  • Real Time Lighting

  • Image Composition, Rendering

  • Post Production

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