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  • Designing level blockouts across the game, starting from block meshes in 3D software such as 3DS Max or in-engine (UE4)


  • Developing levels in collaboration with various teams, to create exciting and engaging spaces and sequences fit for various activities, story specific moments etc.


  • Visual scripting level progression from one game sequence to the next. 


  • Coordinate extensive play-testing and iterating on my work based on feedback.


  • Providing written reviews of fellow colleagues work and providing concise feedback.


  • Writing and maintaining both clear and detailed documentation that outlines features, levels, activities, chapter requirements.


  • Communicating with various teams across the project including Artists, Coders, Producers, Cinematics and others, to enhance the game experience.


  • Developing, maintaining and testing game features from planning stages all the way through to the final production standard


  • Supporting the Lead Level Designer and Production teams, by producing schedules for myself and other colleagues.


  • Modelling various assets to populate the gaming environment, detailing the scene to a high level of quality. 


  • Mentoring junior and intermediate designers, providing training and educational material so to improve their skills in their design roles.

More details, screenshots and breakdowns to be shown closer to release.

The work that I have implemented and showcased above was altogether a team effort and for that I would like to give credit to the following individuals on the team who also helped in creation of this content:

  • ​Johnny Armstrong (Associate Design Director)

  • Sam Grice (Lead Environment Artist)

  • Andrew Stewart (Lead Environment Artist)

  • Chase Long (Senior Environment Artist)

  • Aleks Jankowska (Senior Environment Artist)

  • Mathieu Chollet (Advanced Environment Artist)

  • Matthew Ho (Senior Environment Artist)

  • Connor Leigh (Junior Designer)

  • Guillermo Catalina (Environment Artist)

  • Chris Emmett (Lead Programmer)

  • Luke Giddings (Senior Programmer)

  • James Mitchell (Senior Designer)

  • Axel Rydby (Design Director)

  • Sefton Hill (Game Director)


Co-op, Action Adventure Shooter Game

Senior Level Designer (Prev. Environment Artist) at Rocksteady Ltd

(from June 2018, to July 2023)

Working at AAA studio Rocksteady Ltd for 5+ years on their new, highly anticipated game 'Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League'. I initially joined the team as an Environment Artist, before moving into a Level Design role, working closely within a large in house and external development team, being promoted to a Senior Level Designer in 2023. This page is devoted to the design, level design and artwork that I helped to author and develop across the game. 

The game was released on February 2nd 2024

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