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  • Constructing various aspects of the gaming environment inside of the specified art style, following the level design brief.

  • Modelling various assets to populate the gaming environment, detailing the scene to a high level of quality. 

  • Communicating with other teams including Technical Artists, Designers, Cinematics and others.

  • Optimizing the environment for level based performance

  • Mentoring junior artists, providing them apt training on the nature of their work

More details, screenshots and breakdowns to be shown closer to release.


Level Designer (Prev. Environment Artist) at Rocksteady Ltd

Working at AAA studio Rocksteady Ltd for 4+ years on their new, highly anticipated game 'Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League'. I initially joined the team as an Environment Artist, before moving into a Level Design role, working closely within a large team of both artists and designers, as well as working with outsource teams. This page is devoted to the design, level design and artwork that I helped to author and develop across the game. 


The game is scheduled to release in 2022.

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