Level Designer at nDreams Ltd

Project(s): Fracked™
I worked at nDreams Ltd as a Level Designer, working on the the VR action adventure game Fracked; an action-shooter that collides relentless gunfights with free running, skiing, and climbing.

Environment Artist at Rocksteady Ltd

Project(s): Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League™
I worked at Rocksteady Ltd as a Environment Artist for a number of years, with responsibilities in art and design, working on the upcoming video game 'Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League', scheduled for release in 2022.

Level Design - Personal Work

Here is a collection of the work I completed for the CGMA Level Design course in 2020, mentored by Emilia Schatz (Lead Level Designer at Naughty Dog) & Shane Canning (Level Designer at Square Enix). Designing and iterating on level setups from the initial planning phases to playable prototypes using Unreal Engine 4.

Environment Artist - Personal Work

This is a 3D Environment created using UE4. Project 'Camp Hangar' is a 3D realistic environment, created in 20 weeks for my Final Year Project, on the Games Art BA (Hons) course at De Montfort University, Leicester, working as the sole Environment Artist and Level Designer.

Junior Environment Artist at Bulkhead Interactive

Project(s): Battalion 1944
During my time as a Junior Environment Artist at Bulkhead Interactive, I worked on many things across each different level, from small props to hero assets, from buildings to sky spheres, as well as personally handling lighting and all foliage related work.

Real Time Artist Intern at AVR London

While working at AVR London, an architectural visualisation company, I worked on the Madison Lounge Virtual Reality Experience, a UE4 environment, displayed and optimised as a virtual reality experience, showing high quality, luxury interior living spaces and other developments. 

Prop Art - Personal Work

A 3D prop based on a Tripod Attachment for the infamous WW2 German Military Machine Gun: MG42. Modelled using 3D software, demonstrating my skills adapting to a AAA asset production pipeline, from high poly modelling through to high quality texturing. 


There are plenty of different projects showcased, viewable here on my portfolio.


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